Short film

Co-produced by: Avion Films in 2014
Directed by: Thanasis Tsimpinis

New short film by our featured, young and talented director Thanasis Tsimpinis "Fawns" will be screened during Athens International Film Festival due to take place from 17th to 28th of September 2014.

Producer: George Chorevas, Featuring: Orestis Karydas, Alexis Fousekis


Co-produced by: Avion Films in 2011
Directed by: Yorgos Lanthimos

2012: Winner of the Sydney Film Festival for best movie

2010: Osella award for Best Screenplay at the 68th Venice Film Festival

A nurse, a paramedic, a gymnast and her coach have formed a service for hire. They stand in for dead people by appointment, hired by the relatives, friends or colleagues of the deseassed.
The company is called Alps. Their leader, the paramedic, calls himself Mont Blanc. Although Alps members operate under a discipline regime demanded by their leader, the nurse does not.

Crisis what crisis
Web doc

Co-produced by: Avion Films. In development
Directed by: Steve Krikris

'Crisis what crisis' is a project which was initiated so as to hear the 'real voices' of everyday people about how their lives have been affected by the economical crisis in Greece.
We encounter people with different backgrounds, professions, expectations, and different psychological stamina, all facing the same core problem. The stories are personal, unpretentious, unexpected. Together, they form a puzzle of human emotions, beliefs and attitudes on how a crisis situation is an opportunity for either growth or decline.
This series will also be expanded to other countries like Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, recording the voices of other European citizens who face similar challenges.
'Crisis what crisis' offers thus an anthropological view on how Europeans today are forced to reevaluate and reform their lives facing an uncertain future. In that respect, it could be seen as a page in history .

Magic hour
Road movie

Co-produced by: Avion Films in 2010
Directed by: Costas Kapakas

Marina Valieri, Cavafy's Grand Niece

Co-produced by: Avion Films in 2011
Directed by: Simos Korexenidis

Short film

Co-produced by: Avion Films in 2008
Directed by: Costas Yiallourides

2010: Jury's Special Mention at the Trieste International Film Festival

2009: Best Scenario at the Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangier

2008: Hellenic Film Critics Award, New Talent Award and Greek Film Center's Award at the Drama
International Short Film Festival

2008: Golden Award - Best Short Film at the Damascus International Film Festival

2008: 2nd Prize Best Greek Short Film at the Thessaloniki Film Festival

Short film

Co-produced by: Avion Films in 2009
Directed by: Ellie Sfika