Greece is not just idyllic sandy beaches, white houses and the Acropolis. Serene mountain lakes, raging waterfalls, craggy caves, snowy peaks – how many countries can boast such dramatic natural film locations within a few hours' travelling distance? The architecture is just as varied as the natural beauty. Apart from ruins and impressive neo-classical mansions, ultra-modern architecture and avant-garde interior design are plentiful here too. An extensive range of well-scouted locations is only one of the many features of which Athens-based Avion film productions proposes its clients.

With 250 days of sunshine and its world-famous quality of light, Greece has one of the mildest climates in Europe. Even in the winter, rainfall is infrequent and rarely does the sky does cloud over for extended periods of time, allowing filming to remain on schedule.

Multi-lingual expert crews are another one of Avion's assets. From the Art director to the Clapper loader and from the Production Manager to the Propmaster, its top-notch professionals are fluent in at least one foreign language, allowing filming to flow smoothly. They are a hard-working bunch whose foremost concern is to get the job done, no matter what it takes.

Cheaper than Spain and Portugal, Greece is quickly emerging as one of the top filming destinations due to its cost-effectiveness. With locations in such close range to each other (cutting down on travelling time and costs), multi-lingual crews, mild weather, instead of shooting the breeze, shooting is a breeze.

Pretty boys and grandpas, oddballs and ordinary Joes, magazine models and suburban moms, girls next-door and exotic seductresses, pouty posers and laughing lasses: any type you may require is available in Avion's extensive casting list at reasonable fees and buyouts. You can find almost any nationality –from Caucasian and Mediterranean to Asian, Indian and African– and any age group, from infants to octogenarians.

Equipment rental companies provide state-of-the-art equipment for 35mm, 16mm and High Definition (RED EPIC, ALEXA). Stock can be purchased locally through Kodak or Fuji offices. For stock processing, there are 3 big labs, including a Kodak lab.

Finally, Avion also provides access to large Athens-based studios and excellent infrastructure, which was upgraded for the 2004 Olympic Games, accommodating any interior filming needs. Highly skilled set builders, including experts in special effects, pay careful attention to detail while keeping prices at cost-effective levels, putting the finishing touches on the backdrop of your film production.