Annabelle Aronis

Co-founder Annabelle Aronis has worked for fourteen years on the global commercial producing and production services scene. She is also the founder of Miracle films, a successful film production company and pioneer in production services in Greece, which was sold to a Lebanese group. She went on to set up Avion Films with George Tsokopoulos in 2006 in order to provide creative solutions to Greek advertising agencies and further develop production services in Greece. Annabelle is fluent in English, French and Greek.

George Tsokopoulos

Co-founder George Tsokopoulos has been a executive film producer for the past eighteen years, having worked for some of the largest production companies in Greece and handling some of the most ambitious Greek productions shot both locally and internationally. George is fluent in English, French and Greek.

Theodora Gourgouras

Executive Producer Theodora Gourgouras moved from Paris to Athens in 2006, and joined Avion Films in 2008, bringing with her 15 years' experience in the French advertising market. Her extensive knowledge paved the way for collaborations between Avion Films and the French market and she continues to liaise with international clients and projects. Theodora is fluent in English, French and Greek.