GPN Cannes Party

Avion films co-hosted GPN's Cannes party that took place at the Rado beach bar/restaurant in Cannes. 28 production companies participated, from all over the world, all members o the GPN network. We had a great evening and are already looking forward to next year's party!!!

Centaurs in Santorini

Muller fat free yogurt tastes great, straight form the horse's mouth!! Just a visually powerful and humorous idea, the beautiful sea views of Santorini island and some post production (of course...) is all it took for this commercial. Delighted working for the first time with HSI Londion and director Jim Canty. First time working with women centaurs as well...

Migrating objects

The amazing beach of Voidokilia in the South West of the Peloponese, 4 hours drive away from Athens was selected for the EFES beer commercial - one of the most challenging commercials of the year for Avion, involving many flying rigs. Big elements like tables, chairs, umbrellas, motorbikes start migrating but decide to come back when the EFES beer is served. Filmservice Moscow, thank you for trusting Avion films with this highly technical shoot!!

Old games go unemployed

An imaginary war game hero created especially for the needs of the game exchange platform created by the Public stores Mogroal is an old video game hero participating in a group therapy session, after experiencing the betrayal and abandonment of his ex-owner.. Costumes were designed and made by Alahouzos studios in Athens, the special effects make-up specialists who took part in the last Harry Potter.

Snow under the sun

No it did not snow in spring in Athens... Avion films layed SFX snow in an Athenian park in the midst of spring, for the needs of a Nestle-48 Kopeek shoot. It was great fun!