FDJ Shooting in Athens

FDJ's website (Francaise des jeux) communicates for the first time on TV, by airing 2 spots directed by Sebastien Cirade. The tone is more offbeat, younger and more "web", while keeping the line of humor of previous FDJ's campaigns.

Avionfilms lands home !

The new site of the Athens International Airport is "on air".A series of time-lapse shots, shot and edited in order to present the AIA as a gate to a contemporary, historical, beautiful and alive destination.

Mykonos Biennale

Avionfilms sponsored and supported the first Mykonos biennale "DESTINATION" with over 70 international artists - (video artists, painters, photographers, musicians, & dancers), participating in a three days event that took place in various historical, archeological, touristic sites of the town of Mykonos, the mountain village of Ano Mera and the sacred island of Delos. Great start for a new International Biennale of the Aegean sea - more info : www.mykonosbiennale.com

L'Oreal Fondation

Every year, the Program for Women and Science highlights scientific excellence and supports the talent of women who have contributed in addressing the global challenges of tomorrow. "Because science needs women", l'Oréal Foundation and Unesco has been rewarding the most talented of them for 15 years.In this spot shot in Greece, Achim Lippoth throws a poetic glance on young children, symbolizing these exceptional women.

KupiVip Shooting

Ingeborga Dapkunaite in Greece

Shooting Nescafe Gold Russian campaign with wonderful Ingeborga!

Veet wax strips

Russian Veet campaign shooting in Athens