Schweppes Indian Tonic and Agrum shoots in Athens for the French, Belgian, Italian and Spanish markets. The first day was shot in an Athens down-town bar and the second in a beach close to Athens where we built a beach bar and dressed the place into a resort. Island feel in Athens... Directed by Ben Briand, and cinematography by Patrick Duroux.

Greece and the mediterranean - this is Azzaro world

The new azzaro chrome commercial is finally on air! Moonwalk shoots in the Cyclades with Avion films. The film explores "the informal and instinctive link between the father and the son that cannot be easily explained just like fragrance cannot be easily explained. There is something instinctive about it".

Out here

First official screening on the 30th of January in Thessaloniki of the documentary "Out here", based on the initiative of the SNF against the economic crisis. The documentary, produced by Avionfilms and directed by Thomas Kiaos, was shot in Athens, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Alexandroupoli, Folegandros and New York. The documentary opened in Athens on the 24th of February and soon after will be available online.

╬Łew Xmass Jumbo on air by AvionFilms

The campaign consists of three different films counting down the days to Xmass. Many thanks to Polykarpos, Tony, Rafa, Jaime and the rest of the team. Merry Xmass!!

The Cameramen - CANAL + SPORT TVC - Summer 2014

BETC & HENRY spent 4 nights in the amazing Athens Olympic Stadium to shoot this CANAL+ SPORT TVC signed Bart TIMMER. A huge casting including greek and brazilian football players, coaches, referees, medicalstaff, photographers, leads including Kids + 200 extras, was made in Athens. Avion Films international crew, more than 60 people involved + football coaches, choreographers, stunts, SFX.. joined their forces to make this great film happen! As Canal+ use to say: "We always do more for sport".

Mercedes Shoots In Athens

The Mercedes Vito TVCs & Product film was a seven shooting days project, shot in summer 2014 in Athens. An average of 90 people (crew only) per shoot day, 6 SFX teams consisting of 20 technicians & assistants, 2 greenery teams, 2 camera units Russian arm, helicopter, technocrane, dolly, car mounts, steadicam. A labyrinth consisting of 77 containers, was build in the Athens main container terminal.

Mercedes Vito TVCs